1. License

1.(a) All WordPress themes and Magento themes are released under GNU Public License version

1. (b) All Photoshop documents that might be shipped with above mentioned themes, are not

licensed under GNU Public License. They are separate packages that inherit the Personal License of

YoloThemes. Therefore, you may use them on personal basis, however you may not offer them for free,

modified/unmodified, or for redistribution or resale in any manner whatsoever.

2. Ownership

2. (a) You may not claim exclusive ownership or intellectual ownership of any of the product sold by


2. (b) Even if you have modified a theme or any product that you bought, you still may not have any

exclusive ownership of it.

3. Demo Content

3. (a) All content displayed on YoloThemes.com demonstration pages, including images and text, are not

shipped with the theme.

3. (b) To use any of the images on your own website, you will buy them from their respective owners.

4. Refunding

4. (a) We offer refunds to unsatisfied customer (if any) up to 31 days after the purchase was made. If

you would like to return the product and get your money back, send us an email.

4. (b) Any claims made after 31 days of the purchase will not be catered by YoloThemes.com and the

user does not have the right to file any complain under any authority.

5. Third Party Links

YoloThemes.com collaborates with many software houses to bring you the best themes in its power.

Most of these software houses leave their links in the themes, and they are called “Third Party Links”

5. (a) We have no control whatsoever on the source websites of those links therefore we cannot be held

responsive for anything and everything that is exhibited on those websites.

5. (b) You, the customer is allowed to remove these links according to your convenience.

6. Warranty

6. (a) YoloThemes.com does not provide any warranty or guarantee of these products in any manner.

We cannot guarantee the functioning of third party plugins, components, and other elements.

Furthermore, YoloThemes.com cannot provide guarantees for browser compatibility, or website


6. (b) All products are sold under “as is” arrangement without any sort of warranty, either implied or

expressed. Under no circumstances shall our juridical liable person be called upon for any damages

including, but not limited to, special, incidental, consequential damages and/or other losses arising out

of the use of or inability to use our products. These losses may be direct or indirect.

7. Limitation of Liability

7. (a) under no circumstances shall YoloThemes.com, its directors, employees, agents or any staff

member be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from:

I: Errors, mistakes or insufficiencies of the content.

II: Personal injury or property damage of any nature.

III: Any unauthorized access or use of secure servers and loss/theft of personal information

stored therein.

IV: Any interruption or termination of the provision of service from YoloThemes.com or its

third party collaborators.

V: Any errors in any content or loss of data or damage that takes place under your use of the


7. (b) No warranty, contract, tort or any other legal document or theory may supersede clause 7. (a)

7. (c) In the event of any problem that rises during your use of the product is solely your responsibility.

However you may ask for help from YoloThemes.com.

7. (d) YoloThemes.com chooses its partners very carefully, however YoloThemes may not be held

responsible for any harm that a third party plugin, component or any element may cause.

8. Force Majeure

8. (a) You are agreeing that we are not responsible for to you for anything that we can otherwise be

responsible for. That includes, but not limited to, natural calamities, war, crime, strikes, distribution

disruption, communication blockage, failure or shortage of infrastructure and materials, or any other

affair beyond our control.

9. Reserved Rights

YoloThemes.com reserves the rights to do the following without any prior notice whatsoever:

9. (a) Changing prices of the product line and subscriptions.

9. (b) Converting any free service into paid service and paid service into free service.

9. (c) Total termination of any or all of the service.

9. (d) Refusing to serve any customer.

9. (e) Changing these terms and conditions. If changed, the updated terms and conditions will apply to

all existing and new customers.

10. Choice of Law & Forum of Dispute

10. (a) YoloThemes.com is a subsidiary of SATURN TEC LTD (UK). This agreement shall be governed by

the laws enforced in England. The offer and acceptance of this agreement is deemed to have occurred in

United Kingdom.

10. (b) Any dispute arising relating to this contract will be heard solely by a court of competed

jurisdiction in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

10. (c) If you bring a dispute of any manner in the court, you in accordance with this section agree that

YoloThemes.com may move to have it dismissed, and that you will be responsible for our reasonable

attorneys’ fees, court costs, and disbursements in doing so.