What payment options do you support?

We process payments through PayPal. It means you can use all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) besides your PayPal balance.

Can I customize the theme?

You are free to customize the design, source code, layouts etc. Besides, you can also showcase your work on our site.

Will the themes work with third-party plugins?

Yes, most plugins do work with our themes. However, we cannot guarantee that all plugins will work. Some plugins, such as those that use JavaScript libraries, may conflict with the libraries used in the themes, which can potentially cause either the plugin or theme to function improperly.

How often do you update the themes?

We update the themes as appropriate, when we find a bug or whenever we have a new feature to add. You can view the theme version in the change log file delivered, which is included with the theme.

What are the hosting/server requirements for themes?

Our themes run on most hosting services or servers where WordPress can be run.

Do the themes work with WordPress Multi-Site?

Yes, our themes work with WordPress Multi-site.

Which browsers are supported by LavaThemes themes?

All of our themes support all major browsers; Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Are the themes translation-ready?

Yes, all our themes are translation-ready. For step by step instructions you may visit the Knowledge Base.